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Simple Repair Tracking
for your customer

Allow your customers to easily track the progress of their vehicle throughout the entire repair process and receive important updates

It's all about the customer!

You may produce quality work but poor customer service can quickly see your business struggling for work. We live in an age where online reviews have a massive impact on almost all businesses. Most of us tend to turn to Google to lookup reviews and base our decisions off others opinions and ratings. Providing customers with great service and offering them unique facilities makes it more likely for you to see that 5 star review go up against your business listing.

It's important to remember most of your customers are waiting in anticipation to get their vehicle back after an incident. Keeping the customer regularly updated on progress is vital but can be taxing on precious time.

So you might ask what else can you do to keep customers happy and what can you provide them that makes you stand out from the competition? The good news is their is a simple solution!

Track My Car will simplify customer communication and provide them with 1-click easy access to their repair status along with important updates.


Meet Laura!

She was unfortunate to have her brand new Swift rear-ended only 1 week after she bought it. Laura dropped her car off 2 days ago for repairs and is eager to see her baby back on the road.

It's 8pm and Laura is relaxing on the couch wondering how the repairs are going. She clicks on to the SMS she received from the bodyshop at check-in and can immediately track how her car has progressed through the repair process.

Laura's friends couldn't do that when their vehicles went in for repairs. It's at this time that Laura is feeling pretty happy and will be suggesting her repairer!

Benefits at a glance

  1. Easily track repair progress online
  2. Send important notices & updates direct to the customer
  3. Cut-down phone time and administration
  4. Get immediate customer feedback
  5. Provide a next-level customer service & experience
  6. Keep customers and work-providers happy

Discover the game-changing effects this add-on module will have on your business.
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