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Trent Walkden

South Tweed Autos Smash Repairs, AU

If you are serious about running a productive shop, with efficient turn around times and have a high emphasis on customer service, you need Planning Plus. Planning Plus exceeded our expectations, not only did it give us what we were after in a PM system, but it also identified many other areas of our business that we needed to focus on. Two years on we now produce an average of 50-55 cars a week and have just closed the financial year off with a 38% financial growth, keeping us wanting more! Whether you are looking for a system to improve your current work flow or whether you are wanting to take your business to the next level, I would highly recommend Planning Plus.

Fraser Sim

BMT Group Services, CAN

We are extremely pleased with Planning Plus. We set out to find a program that was simple to use for both the managers and more importantly the technicians, along with achieving our objectives of increasing work shop efficiency and therefore revenue. This has definitely been achieved and we are now looking to building a new shop to help accommodate the demand. I recommend Planning Plus to any shop that wants to increase their efficiency without enduring complicated, cumbersome and overly expensive planning programs.

Brent Mackay

A1 Auto Finish, NZ

When we first started using Planning Plus it had a huge impact on how we were running the business and I would have to say that it was a turning point for us at A1. In 2010 we took over our second shop and there was no way we were going to operate without Planning Plus, so Gavin and his team had it installed in just a few days for us. I really don't know how anyone can run a shop without a planning system and it is certainly my recommendation to go with Planning Plus. Gavin and his team have been the consummate professionals with absolutely everything they do. Thanks for making my life just that little bit easier in a very tough industry!

Matt Cameron

Whangaparaoa Collision Repairs, NZ

We are a small business of three panel beaters and two painters. I thought that we did things pretty well and got jobs through the shop efficiently. Planning Plus exposed our real production in the first two days. Now we cycle more jobs through and the team know exactly what is expected of them, producing more output for less stress!

Mark Brady

Brady's Body Works, AU

I thought Numbers Plus was good. Planning Plus is world class. My Production Manager loves it & so do I. We were seeing efficiency improvements within the first week. The display is really visual & my team have no problem understanding the plan. Mate, well done & congratulations on delivering much more than ever expected.

David Rourke

Canberra Automotive Refinishers, AU

We changed from BOSS to Planning Plus & would have to say I wish we had done it sooner. Planning Plus is excellent value for money & the training & support have been outstanding. I finally had something to smile about.

Landon Beard

Allied Auto Body, USA

I stumbled across Planning Plus during a tour of some other repair facilities in The United States in late 2015. I was and still am on a quest, like a lot of other shop owners, for an overall improvement in shop performance, from top to bottom. Production measurement and planning are such vital aspects of this business, and I immediately recognized Planning Plus as a tool that could help my company and offer immediate value. I wasn't wrong. From the moment the program was introduced to me, I couldn't wait to get it in place. Since implementation, production planning and scheduling have improved by leaps and bounds. It's visual indicators are outstanding, and it enhances communication not just in the production department, but also throughout the company. It's customizable and can be tailored to each shop's specific needs. I couldn't and wouldn't imagine not having it now.

Jim Bracefield

Brown & Shipman Autobody, NZ

We have been fortunate enough to have Gavin's guidance over the last 5 and a half years and have found his expertise, advice and coaching to be invaluable to our business. His on-going support has been great and is only an email or a phone call away if needed. After operating for a number of years using carbon copy job tickets and manually transferring data over to Excel spreadsheets, Planning Plus 2 has been an extremely worthwhile investment. It is time saving and easy to use. Planning Plus also has the advantage of showing work output in each department and by individual employee, so you can ascertain where improvement is needed and also reward those employees that are achieving over and above the required hours, via a bonus scheme. There is no more double-handling or hand-writing, everyone knows what they are doing for the week with no confusion. Number's Plus in conjunction with Auto Quote, provides a fantastic benchmark for all your financial requirements and breaks cost centres down to micro-manage each department. With the little investment needed to obtain these tools, you will be rewarded with a more efficient running business; improved productivity and time management, and most importantly happy staff!

Louise Foreman

Eurotech Auto Repair Centre, AU

One year ago we implemented Planning plus in order to improve workflow and enable us to book in work more efficiently. Prior to this we used a manual diary system whereby we had no way of knowing the actual dollar value of the work we were booking in other than manually calculating this. Planning Plus has changed all this. We can now effectively plan Jobs to ensure we maximise the labour we have available. The drag and drop facility means Jobs can be switched around easily, and if for some reason there is a change the Job can easily be moved out to a later date. With Planning Plus you can easily see whether there is too much or not enough work booked in. Staff now know exactly which Jobs have been allocated to them on a daily basis, they know how much time they have to complete the Task and they have access to photos and notes relating to each Job. The system is such that it is very user friendly for all staff. We are now able to monitor staff performance, productivity and labour costs of individual Jobs. Our Turnover for the past 12 months has increased by over 18% and our Gross Profit has seen a significant increase. Planning Plus has changed the way we do business and the backup support is superb. We highly recommend this Planning program and would be more than willing to speak to anyone who is looking at implementing this planning system

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